The Benefit of Lime Juice

Squeeze a half of a lime into a large glass of water and enjoy a refreshing healthful drink. Limes provides a good source of fiber and minerals including magnesium, copper, potassium, calcium, phosphorous and iron. Limes are low in calories and low on the Glycemic Index. The pulp of limes contains phytochemicals like terpenes and polyphenols. Limes are and excellent source of citric acid and vitamin C. Limes have been found to provide a number of health benefit including the following 7 important health benefits. 

1. Improve Digestion: Lime juice aids in digestion and helps treat constipation. The natural acidity of limes helps to aid digestion by breaking down the macro-molecules of food we eat. Flavonoids in lime juice stimulate the digestive system increasing the secretion of bile and other digestive juices. Peristaltic motion of the colon is also stimulated by these flavonoids. The acids present in lime juice are thought to help relieve constipation by helping to wash and clean the digestive tract. Fiber in the limes also adds bulk to the stool which helps prevent irregularity. The flavinoid limonin glucoside helps to heal both oral and peptic stomach ulcers. The aroma released by cutting a lime peel can help to relieve nausea as well as nasal congestion.  

2. Blood sugar control: Regulating blood sugar is another benefit of drinking lime juice water. Limes and other citrus fruits are considered to be a "super-food" for diabetics. High amounts of soluble fiber helps to slow the body's absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. This decreases blood sugar spikes that are detrimental to our health.  
3. Heart Disease Prevention: The same soluble fiber that helps control blood sugar levels helps to remove LDL cholesterol from the body. LDL cholesterol is know as bad cholesterol because it contributes to arterial plaques and heart disease. Soluble fibers help lower inflammation of the blood vessels. Inflammation of the blood vessels is considered by most experts to be the primary cause of cardiovascular disease. 

4. Protection of Joints: One of the many causes of joint pain and damage is the precipitation of uric acid crystals in the joints known as gout. Citric acid found in citrus fruits,including limes, helps our body eliminate excessive uric acid through the urinary tract. Anti-inflammatory properties of limes help decrease joint pain and joint inflammation. 

5. Weight Loss: A glass of water with lime juice provides citric acid. The citric acid is believed to stimulate the burning of fat resulting in weight loss.

6. Healthy Skin: The natural oils in limes when applied to the skin topically or taken orally help hydrate the skin. The flavonoids and vitamin C help to rejuvenate the skin.

7. Prevent infections:  Lime juice has disinfecting and antibiotic properties that help reduce body odor and decrease the risk of infections. Lime juice has been used to disinfect water and help control outbreaks of cholera. The high potassium content of lime juice is used to treat urinary tract infections. It is  thought to decrease the formation of kidney and urinary bladder deposits. Limes are also believed to help prevent benign prostatic hypertrophy and this improves urine flow.

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