What are the Top 5 Safest and the Top 5 Least Safe Motor Vehicles?

What are the Top 5 Safest and the Top 5 Least Safe Motor Vehicles? 

One study on longevity determined that the single best way to help you live longer is to not smoke. The second biggest factor for living longer was to always buckle your seatbelt. In general, the smaller the car you drive the highest chance of injury and death but car design and safety options also play a factor. Newer SUVs have added stability control that have made them among the safest automobiles available. New technology helps warn the driver of danger and even automatically applies the brakes in some vehicles. Some automobiles seats are designed to minimize whiplash and other neck and back injuries. 

The car you drive can make a big difference in  your risk of suffering from whiplash injuries, back injuries, neck injuries, head injuries and even death in a motor vehicle accident. Insurance carriers determine how much to charge for medical payment insurance based on the make and model of the automobile. They have developed statistics that help them determine which cars have higher rates of automobile injuries and they have adjusted their rates accordingly. 

Which cars have the highest medical payments insurance? 

           Fiat 500    (curb weight 2414 lbs.)
           Kia Rio 5   (curb weight 2410 lbs.)
           Toyota Corolla LE    (curb weight 2811 lbs.)
           Mitsubishi Lancer     (curb weight 2888 lbs.)
           Mercedes-Benz CL600    (curb weight 4275 lbs.)

Which automobiles have the lowest medical payment insurance? 

           GMC Sierra 1500    (curb weight 5218 lbs.)
           Porsche Cayenne    (curb weight 4795 lbs.)
           GMC Yukon Denali  (curb weight 5473 lbs. )
           GMC Sierra 2500 SLE  (curb weight 6689 lbs.)
           GMC Terrain SLE1   (curb weight 3995 lbs. )


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