Addressing Causes and Symptoms of Back Pain

Fort Collins Chiropractic Care for Back Pain

Is acute or chronic back pain stopping you from living an active life? An estimated 80 percent of adults will experience at least one episode of back pain in their lives. If you are suffering from recurring back pain, our Fort Collins chiropractor, Dr. Greg Crawford, can help. Dr. Crawford offers chiropractic care that is a non-invasive, drug-free approach to back pain relief designed to address the root cause of your pain so you can get back to living a full, active life with improved motion and joint function.

Understanding Back Pain: How Chiropractic Care Helps

Weakened support muscles can increase the risk for pain and injury in the lower back. When this occurs, something as simple as lifting a bag of groceries or an accidental fall could suddenly result in pain. Conventional medical care relies on over-the-counter medication and prescription painkillers to treat back pain. While medication can provide some relief, it is only temporary. That’s because medication works by blocking our cells’ ability to transmit pain signals and/or numbing the brain’s ability to perceive pain. Once medication wears off, your back pain will return.

Chiropractic care from our Fort Collins chiropractor is different. Dr. Crawford’s approach to low back pain relief combines state-of-the-art diagnostic technology with corrective structural care. This approach addresses the source of your pain, so you can return to living a full, active life.

A spinal subluxation is a loss in normal function or movement. During chiropractic care, Dr. Crawford reduces spinal subluxations through spinal and extremity joint adjustments in order to improve motion and joint function. This approach reduces nerve interference and improves joint movement and stability.

Dr. Crawford works closely with each patient to tailor care to their specific pain relief needs. For most new patients, there is no need for diagnostic X-rays. In fact, treating low back pain can be as straightforward as adjusting the lower lumbar vertebra and pelvis to re-establish normal motion and the position of the bones/joints.

In addition to chiropractic care, Dr. Crawford will also work with patients to address postural issues that may be straining the lumbar muscles and increasing the risk for back pain. Simple postural adjustments at home and at work, such as adjusting the height of your office chair or the position of your computer screen, can minimize lumbar spine compression and reduce your risk for low back pain. Intelligent self-care can help prevent back pain from becoming a chronic, disabling condition.

Fort Collins Chiropractic Care: Real Back Pain Relief Starts Here

Searching for drug-free back pain relief? Worried about the side effects of invasive back surgery? Fort Collins chiropractor Dr. Crawford has nearly three decades of experience helping patients reduce or eliminate back pain through chiropractic care. By adjusting the spinal and extremity joints, Dr. Crawford brings improved motion and joint function back to the body. This drug-free and non-invasive treatment helps patients achieve real relief from pain, regain mobility, and return to living full, active lives.

Drug-free back pain relief is possible. Contact us to schedule your appointment with our Fort Collins chiropractor and learn more today!

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