6,305 US adults were surveyed in February and March of 2017 concerning neck pain and back pain and their treatment. 63% of the respondents reported having neck or back pain sometime during their lifetime that required treatment. 27% reported having professional treatment for their pain in the last year. Of those that sought chiropractic or other treatment for their neck and back pain, 54% reported that their pain had lasted for over 5 years and 22% had ongoing pain for over a year.

31% of the adult's in this survey perceived chiropractic as being safer than prescription medication. 25% thought chiropractic was equally as safe as prescription drugs. 81 percent of the respondents believe chiropractic treatment can help some or a great deal with neck pain and back pain. Only 18% reported that they had been treated by a doctor of chiropractic in the last 12 months.

The majority of respondents would rather try something other than drugs to treat their physical pains. Despite people reporting that they wanted to use alternatives to drugs, many reported using over-the-counter-drugs to treat neck and back pain. 70% of people with ongoing pain for less than a year take NSAIDS such as aspirin, Aleve, and Advil. 45% report taking Tylenol for their neck pain and back pain.

A doctor of chiropractic specializes in treating the causes of back pain, neck pain, headaches, and extremity pain. Over-the-counter medications only block the perception of the pain and do nothing to correct the cause of your pain. Abnormal spinal movement and joint function can lead to increased and uneven degenerative changes. Your doctor of chiropractic will help restore normal spinal and joint function and provide you with exercises to help stabilize your spine and extremities.
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